we’re not finding out

Some are very surprised when I mention that we aren’t finding out the sex of our baby. Usually the reply is, “I could never wait” or “I just have to plan…” blah blah blah. It really blows some people’s minds. As I reflect on my life as a mother, so far I can’t help but think how often my “plans” are changed, destroyed, or completely thrown out the window. Sure you can plan their nursery (like they’ll care), you can plan what little clothes they’ll wear. Planning is pretty easy at first. As long as you’re not planning on having a full night’s sleep right away, or planning on everything to be so dreamy like all of those picture perfect mommies on Instagram that you follow. I am by no means an expert of ANY kind, especially when it comes to motherhood. All I know is that many times, you have to go with whatever wrench your baby, or toddler, or kid might throw in your plans. It’s not just your life anymore. For example, one night I thought I’d take my boy to get a delicious waffle from the waffle truck. “We’ll get a delicious waffle and my pregnant self can eat the majority while we go to a park so he can get all of his energy out and fall asleep on the way home.” Simple plan, yes. But like I mentioned, you can’t always rely on your plans, someone might throw a wrench in them. In this case the wrench was, he peed his pants. I couldn’t pull over fast enough to take him potty and he peed his pants. My beautiful plan was ruined. Sure I was a little bummed out, but accidents happen. Life goes on. This was a simple plan and there are many other examples. I’ve noticed when I go with it and change my plans when the wrench is thrown in them, life is so much sweeter. Anytime I get upset for not getting my way, that’s when I get even more frustrated. Note to self, and others, just go with it!

By the way it’s completely fine if you want to find out the sex of your baby! You can do whatever you wish. But I would hate to be the first one to tell you, if you love to plan, you might need to learn to be a little more flexible.

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