Thoughtful Gifts for New Moms

Being a new mom is wonderful, overwhelming, exciting, and difficult at times, it’s a whole new world. I enjoyed my time as a first time mom for the most part but I wish I would have taken advantage of all of the offered help and I wish more people would have brought us food. Every mama is different and has different struggles and strengths. However, even if a new mom has is it easy, she’ll still need a little help. Here are a few gift ideas for a brand new mom:

1. FOOD! Be the one who offers to bring food and do it! If cooking isn’t really your thing, you could bring take out or a gift card to a restaurant. Food will always be a great gift for new moms and dads too, they are busy and it’s nice not to worry about what’s for dinner.

2. Body Care. Get something nice for the new mom, I’ve been loving this brand lately. Her body has just done such an important work and she needs some pampering! A nice body scrub or good lotion is a really nice gesture and it shows that you’re thinking about her and that she’s important. Too often, the baby gets all of the attention and the mom doesn’t get enough.

3. Home Cleaning. Offer to clean the house or hire a house cleaner. Sometimes it might be easier to hire a pro so that there’s no weirdness about cleaning someone else’s house. Mamas need to rest and shouldn’t have to worry about house cleaning, they need to focus on baby and healing, and, new moms deserve to feel like queens!

4. Flowers or Houseplant. Hanging out in a bedroom or living room was where I found myself for the first two weeks, I took it really easy, all mamas should take it easy and rest. Fresh flowers or a houseplant will freshen the air and brighten up the house. A houseplant is a great gift because, if taken care of, it can live and grow up with the baby. Check out a local nursery for a houseplant or buy one from the comfort of your own home.

5. Book. Bring her a book to make her laugh or encourage her in motherhood. “Dear Girls Above Me” is an easy read and it’s hilarious. “Bringing up Bebe” is another great read, it’s interesting and funny. If she’s not into books, you could bring her some magazines, or some type of crossword puzzle or word search to keep her busy. If you don’t bring her a physical book, you can always gift a digital copy of a book and send it to her to read on a kindle or phone.

6. T.V. Series. Bring her a t.v. series that she will enjoy. She’ll have lots of time to rest, and when she’s not staring at her sweet bundle of joy she might want something else to do. A series is a great gift to encourage her to kick back and take it easy. Friends, Seinfeld, Golden Girls (my personal favorite), I Love Lucy, Grey’s Anatomy, Downton Abbey, or whatever she’s into, the list of great t.v. series goes on and on!

7. Journal. A journal or “The First Thousand Days” or both, would be great for a new mom! Writing down her experience of birth and labor, feelings, and all of the emotions that come with being a new mom is so important! It’s also fun to write down baby’s milestones in the First Thousand Days- this is like a journal for mom and baby and one of my favorite gifts that was given to me.

8. Water Bottle and Snacks. Breast feeding or not, water is so important. Staying hydrated will help mama to heal faster and feel well. Bringing her a treat too is a nice gesture. A fruit basket is nice if sweets aren’t really her thing. Snacks are also a great gift! At times, it’s hard to get up and get something to eat, but if there’s a lovely snack basket nearby, that helps so much!

9. Air Purifier or Diffuser. A diffuser is such wonderful gift, an air purifier is nice too. A diffuser is great because, essential oils can really have a nice effect; i.e. lavender can be really calming, or wild orange could set a more energetic tone. A germ fighting blend like this one is also a great idea to give with the diffuser, because a baby’s system is still new and getting used to this world outside the womb.

10. Gift of a Postpartum Doula. A postpartum doula is so valuable and it would be such a generous gift. Not only will a postpartum doula help with light cooking, and cleaning, (depending on the doula), she’ll have great tips for breastfeeding and newborn care. It’s nice to have someone around with no judgement, someone who can really help with all things a new mama would need help with. All in all, this gift really might not be too pricey, if you shop around. The gift of a few hours with a postpartum doula will really help a new mom so much, it’s like many gifts in one.

When in doubt of what to bring a new mama, always bring her food! Food shows that you care and that you want her to eat and nourish herself so that she can take good care of that sweet new babe.

best gifts for new moms

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