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Resolutions Revisited

Back in January I had a few resolutions that I wanted to work on/try/do this year. What good are resolutions if we don’t look back on them and see how we’re doing? It seems like the only time anyone thinks about resolutions is during the new year. Since the year is more than halfway over now, I thought I would…

Desert Solitaire

I finished reading Desert Solitaire A Season in the Wilderness by Edward Abbey a couple of weeks back. Chad found this book at a thrift store a while ago and bought it because we had recently watched Damnation and learned a little about who Abbey was.

vegan-ism on my mind

Recently we watched Cowspiracy on Netflix. It was eye opening and after watching it I’ve been on this kick of reading books about Vegan-ism, how and why people become vegan etc. This isn’t my first time of being curious of vegan-ism. I think that started with Forks over Knifes. We watched this sometime in the spring of 2012 and ate…