oil pulling challenge

When I oil pull, my husband likes to translate what I’m trying to tell him with my hand actions and body language. He is always way off! On purpose of course. He’s trying to make me laugh so I spit out the oil that’s in my mouth. I always take it as a challenge, I love when he does it. So far, I have won every time. One time I was pulling while I was in the shower (doing a little multi tasking) and he came in to see what I was up to, I lost it. I didn’t spit out the oil but I just started laughing because I knew he was going to try something. He didn’t really say much but he laughed too and kept asking me, “what’s so funny?”. Since oil pulling isn’t always the funnest activity, trying to make each other laugh makes it more fun. I like to add essential oils as well to spice it up. I like clove, peppermint, or a thieves type blend (usually has cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon or orange, and eucalyptus). Here is a great place to buy essential oils for a great price. I definitely recommend oil pulling if you haven’t tried it yet, maybe give it a try if you’re interested. If you have before, challenge someone and try to make each other laugh or challenge yourself by making it a goal to oil pull at least once a week.

Well before I could publish this I was doing a little oil pulling and of course my husband had to say something. He was trying to talk to me and make me laugh. So in return I told him (in my own way without words that he was a bum, or a***hole whichever he could decipher) I pointed at him and then at my butt and he replied, “I have a nice ass? Thanks babe, you have a nice one too.” He knew exactly what I was trying to tell him and he twisted it. I almost lost it. I did lose a little oil from laughing so I guess he wins this time.

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