moving and breathing

A few weeks ago I started attending a modern dance class led by a local dance company. I am loving every moment. I love to dance. It’s like seeing music come to life. I definitely have room to grow and I’ve never really called myself a dancer. I think in high school I saw drill team and dance company and it seemed that these girls consumed dance, dreamt about dance, and could move and speak dance much better than I could. This is a silly reason. I love dance in my own way. I may not be able to dance as well as some but the love is there. I love that feeling of moving together, breathing together, and feeling the music together. Together I mean with the other dancers and the music, if dancing solo the together would be with the music, if any. I feel so alive at dance class. Aware of my body, and how good I feel moving around. I feel inspired to dance more, to create movement, to be present and alive in every moment, not just dance class.

This video is something I borrowed from Youtube, I just love watching them move together, and flock like birds. So beautiful! It makes me want to create beautiful movement, or be a part of someone else’s beautiful movement.


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