have love for everyone

Right after my baby was born I felt this enormous amount of love for him, my husband, and everyone around. I remember going to the grocery store once he was a few weeks old. I saw an older lady shopping in my same aisle and I remember thinking, “that’s someone’s baby right there. She’s grown up now but she was once as tiny as my baby.” I looked at her and felt a little overwhelmed. I began looking at everyone as someone’s baby. I imagined how much their mothers and dads must have loved kissing their little cheeks and staring at their little faces. I felt love for everyone. I guess when you’re in love, everything seems so wonderful and every person seems less like a stranger and more like a brother or sister.

As time passed by my love for my baby and family stayed but my love for strangers around seemed to fade a little. Maybe it was because my hormones were starting to normalize, maybe it was because no one was looking at me the same way I was looking at them, or maybe I didn’t pay as much attention to everyone else.

Another occasion brought this love back. The summer after our baby turned one we went on a campout with family. Not our immediate family, a rainbow family. This gathering we attending was full of people we had never met before, but we felt so loved. Everyone welcomed us home and told us they loved us. Anyone can say I love you, but these I love yous seemed sincere. I can’t describe how loved, safe, and at home I felt. The week after this gathering I felt love for strangers again, I felt like I should tell them I love them, or that are loved at the very least. I didn’t tell anyone and the love for strangers seemed to fade again.

I hope to feel that love again, for everyone.

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