July Baby

I attended my 3rd birth in July and it was great! Tawni did so awesome and I felt like I really helped even though I couldn’t do much physically for her. Just being there for her seemed to help the most. Enjoy.


Since before Tawni’s due date I have been worried that her baby would come so fast and that I would miss everything. We went up to Salt Lake for a week and a half (at the beginning of July) and I was worried I would miss it but I didn’t, then I went to my grandpa’s funeral that was closer to her due date. Still no baby. I slept next to my phone every night expecting a phone call early in the morning/late at night. Finally on the 30th I got a text at a very decent hour. Tawni texted me at about 8:20 am but I didn’t wake up until 8:50. I replied right away and went over to her house as soon as I got dressed.

When I got to her house she was doing great. She was working through contractions as best as she could. Standing was the only ‘comfortable’ way for her to get through her contractions. There wasn’t too much for me to do for her but encourage her and reassure her that she was doing great. She tried a couple of contractions differently, one laying on the couch and one over the birth ball but that wasn’t comfortable for her either. While on the birth ball we tried using a heat pack on her lower back, and I tried massaging her lower back in between contractions. Once a contraction started she didn’t want anything to touch her.

We worked on filling up the tub and it probably seemed like forever for Tawni. The hot water ran out and then we waited for it to heat up again. We started to add some water from the stove and after a while we turned the water on again and filled up the tub some more. Then the water was too hot so we had to add some cooler water. I know she wanted to get in the tub really bad so I feel bad that it took so long for us to get the tub ready for her.

Poor Marshall (her little boy) really wanted to be held by Tawni and he kept saying “huggy” or something like that. I could tell it was a struggle because Tawni only had time in between contractions to comfort him. Luckily her aunt was there. After he wouldn’t go down for a nap, her aunt took him for a ride in the car. I think Tawni was able to relax more once Marshall gone. When her aunt got back with him, he was asleep but woke up when they tried to lay him down. There was probably too much action that he didn’t want to miss anything. Even though he didn’t nap (I think), he didn’t really come in to the kitchen until his baby brother was born.

Once she got in the tub, it seems like the contractions picked up and she mentioned that she felt like pushing. Christy (her midwife) was not there yet, but on her way. I told her to push if she felt like it. I wasn’t too worried if the baby were to come before Christy got there. At this point I texted Christy to tell her that Tawni was feeling pushy. She got to the house soon after that, I think just after 12:00 pm.

When Christy got there we listened to baby’s heartbeat  with the doppler and he sounded great. Tawni continued to push when she felt like it and Christy reminded her to take deep breaths and keep breathing. Tawni mentioned the burning so I knew the baby was so close. At this point I had the camera and got it ready for a video. I thought I would record the birth for her because I love looking back at my son’s birth video so much. Also, everything is such a blur, it’s nice to see proof that you actually did it haha. I continued to take some pictures. Seeing him being born in the water was so awesome. Every time I’ve been to a birth I get so emotional when the baby is born, it’s just so beautiful. He was born at 12:17 and he weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces, the same as his big brother. This was really quick, but it probably seemed really long at times for Tawni. Tawni did wonderful though. I’m so glad I could be there for her, even if it was just to encourage her.
Turns out I was right about being anxious about missing her birth. If I was out of town, I would have missed her labor and birth for sure. I’m so glad that I didn’t, because it was such an incredible experience. I’m so glad she took a chance on me, knowing that I didn’t have too much experience, thanks Tawni.InstaFit_1445393765

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