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I never had any idea of what kind of birth I wanted before I got pregnant, just like I never really dreamed or thought about what my wedding would be like before I got engaged. I think I always imagined births being in the hospital and that I might have an epidural like my mom did. I don’t even remember why I became convinced that I wanted a home birth…but I do remember watching “The Business of Being Born” a few years ago and feeling pretty convinced that home birth was the way I wanted to give birth to my babies. Once I became pregnant I didn’t know what to do first- I asked a friend what she did – interview some midwives and find one I like. So that’s what I did. I reached out to one and didn’t hear back and interviewed two others. One I didn’t click with for some reason and the other one I really liked. I picked a traditional midwife and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Whenever anyone asks me about birthing at home, I recommend it. Birth has turned into a medical situation when it’s really a natural occurrence. Don’t get me wrong I know that having a baby in the hospital has saved some women and babies but most of the time doctors and hospitals are NOT necessary to have a baby! Our bodies were made to make babies and if you believe in a Heavenly Father like I do you would agree that he is pretty smart right? One of the best books I read about birth was “Birthing the Easy Way” by Sheila Stubbs. That was one of the only books I read about birth while I was pregnant. I felt so pumped and ready for birth after reading it. I think it’s important to feel prepared and reading a bunch about the horrible things that could happen was not something I wanted to do to prepare. I didn’t have a method of choice like hypnobirth or Bradley method, I simply decided I would let it happen and have faith that everything would turn out well and thank goodness it did.

Overall I don’t think there is anything to be afraid of, I don’t know why anyone says “you’re so brave”, or “I could never do that”, or “why would you do that?” Having a baby is an experience for mom and baby why numb the pain when you can feel every contraction with your baby? I don’t mean to sound too lofty because every person is different and has many complex factors, but if you have the chance to experience something so wonderful why would you miss out by choosing drugs? Home birth gives you the chance to choose a birth that you want. Here are just a few perks that I really enjoyed:

  1. I loved that I was home.
  2. Being in any position that felt comfortable. Not so easy when you have wires and ivs on your body.
  3. The people at my baby’s birth were people I wanted there, people I knew! No new nurses or anything like that.
  4. Eating what I want. I didn’t really eat much but it’s nice to eat when you’re hungry and not have to ask for permission.
  5. Listen to my music. Maybe this isn’t that big of a deal and maybe they’ll let you play some jams in the hospital but it’s nice to hear familiar, inspiring music as labor progresses.
  6. Take off all my clothes. They might let you do this in the hospital, or they might recommend you wear a gown. I can wear anything or nothing at all, no questions asked.
  7. Catch my baby or have my husband catch. Maybe this is a possibility at the hospital but I wouldn’t know. I do know that sometimes mamas have to wait for the doctor to show up before the baby is born… How in the world can one keep their baby in when it’s on its way out?!
  8. Hold my baby when he or she is born. It bums me out when I see babies get whisked away to get weighed and what not before mama and dad get to hold him or her.
  9. Sleep with my baby- no nurseries at home.
  10. Be in my own bed (which is big enough for baby and husband too).
  11. No rush/ no waiting! I love that at home I could take my time and I was never hurried or waiting for a doctor to show up before pushing. Birth just happened the way that it should.

Okay maybe you can do some of these things at the hospital or maybe all of the things listed (I wouldn’t know), but at home you don’t have to ask to do any of the things I listed. I’m not here to tell you what to do but I hope you’ll consider home birth, if not, maybe a natural birth without drugs. I copied and pasted the costs of a hospital birth of a mom and baby online vs a chart of my costs of my home birth.


Hospital Birth


Private Room after delivery(<48 hours) $2,970 $1841.40
Ancillaries $1,371.53 $663.97
Laboratory $321 $199.02
Delivery Room (<24 hours) $3082 $1910.84
TOTAL $7,744.53 $4,615.23
Nursery $1,240 $768.80
Ancillaries $164.43 $101.95
Laboratory $422.45 $261.92
TOTAL $1,826.88 $1,132.67
Global delivery charge $2,800 $2,221.41
4/22 Newborn care $140.00 $89.93
4/22 Circumcision $653.00 $263.10
4/23 Hospital visit $129.00 $105.69
TOTAL $922 $458.72
GRAND TOTAL $13,293 $8,428.03


My home birth


Prenatal care and birth fee $1,500 $1,100 after discount
Birth Kit $47.90 $47.90
Other $50.00 $50.00
Total $1597.90 $1197.90


We had everything paid for before our baby was born. Many of the hospital fees are unnecessary such as circumcision- unnecessary procedure. Nursery- not really sure if it’s needed, after this chart the mother mentions that her baby had jaundice and had to have some treatment for that. My baby boy had the same thing… we took him out in the sunshine and that helped his jaundice for FREE! Home birth is considerably cheaper than a hospital birth, but that isn’t the reason we chose to have our baby at home. We chose to be at home because I wanted to be at home, I trusted my body, I wanted the best for our baby, and I wanted to have our baby on my terms. The birth of our baby was an incredible experience and like I said earlier… I recommend it. Trust your body!

Hospital birth chart 

Another interesting read about home birth vs. hospital birth.

Shout out to my dear friend who captured this moment...



Shortly after baby boy was born.


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