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Last July I shaved my head. I wrote a post about being bald. I’ve been letting my hair grow out and I decided to color it for a change. I’ve never colored my hair a darker color before. My hair used to be really blonde but it’s gotten darker over the years. I’ve only lightened my hair color a few times, but that was with a professional doing all of the hard work at a salon. About a week before my birthday I noticed one of my friends had colored her hair, she used henna to dye her hair. It was a rich brown and it looked great! I figured it was worth a try. So the day before my birthday I bought some hair dye (still natural hair dye but it had more than just henna in it). I had a friend help me who had colored her hair many times. I did not test to see what my hair color might turn out like (even though the directions strongly recommended this). This is my hair just before applying the smelly hair dye…


After my friend put the dye all through my locks, we put a bag over my hair- this is one recommendation I did. I also decided to put the dye on my eyebrows so they would match my hair, intuition told me to wipe it off, which I later did, phew.


IMG_20150311_160820737This is the result of my hair.


It didn’t stay green for long, just a day. It’s still an interesting color, like a dark gray.


Thankfully the color will fade and my hair will be it’s normal color in a few short weeks. I didn’t want to try coloring it again because I was a little bummed out at first. I am no longer upset though, now I just look back and laugh. Lesson learned.

Oh and one more thing, I feel like I was the ONLY person who did not know that my hair would turn out dark green. Most people that I mentioned this to, said “Oh yeah, that happens with blonde hair”. Would have been great to know beforehand. Apparently it’s common knowledge that I had NO idea about 🙂


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