Before we had our baby I thought that co-sleeping was bad. I didn’t really know much about co-sleeping and I wasn’t planning on being “that” type of family… whatever “that” means.* After having my baby I didn’t want to put him down it seemed natural to let him sleep on me or right next to me. I just did it because I felt it was right, not because I read a book that told me to or any other reason…it was purely instinctual. I didn’t want to put my baby in his own room across the house (we didn’t have a room set up for him anyway) because I wanted him near me. For one thing it made breast feeding at night really easy because he was right there. I also learned that babies have gaps in their breathing and pick up cues from their mother to keep breathing (after all breathing is a new skill for an infant). I shared my body with my baby so it seems right to have him right next to me in bed. If I would have read into anything against co sleeping I might not have done it. I’m really glad I did what I thought was right. I think too many moms are too worried about what’s culturally normal or what their parents did. It’s ok to do something that’s against the norm and it’s ok to listen to your gut feelings. If we did what our culture told us we would be buying a bunch of furniture and decorations for a being that doesn’t care for any of those things. Your baby wants to be with you, not in a room alone filled with stuff. Stuff won’t comfort your baby. Back to co-sleeping. It just makes sense to have my baby right next to me. There is hardly any crying at night because I can sense his cues and I’m able to feed him right away, so that means, everyone gets plenty of sleep. Here are my main reasons that I love to co-sleep:

  • More sleep for everyone
  • Makes breastfeeding so easy
  • Waking up next to a happy baby makes every one’s day start out right
  • Less worry, I know my baby’s ok because he’s right there
  • Less money: no need for an elaborate nursery
  • Traveling is a breeze because baby boy is used to sleeping between us

All in all, co-sleeping has really changed my perception of sleep. If my husband is gone one night and I’m alone, it’s just different, I don’t feel as safe when I’m alone in bed. Babies share that same feeling, they spend the whole time in the womb in bed with you, why would they want to be alone in their own bed once they are born?

*Before I knew about co-sleeping I thought that it was babying a baby (I can’t believe I thought this) I thought that co-sleeping was only for families like this (notice the family bed at 3 seconds.) Now that I know how great co-sleeping is, I know that anyone can do it and I’ve met lots of families who do. One thing I’ve noticed about some people who co-sleep with their kids or used to, it’s like it’s a secret or something you would whisper or not talk about unless the other person you were talking with had also co-slept with their children.

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