thoughts on birth

Lately I’ve been reflecting on birth and how wonderful it is. Labor and delivery of a new babe is one of those moments where everyone around feels so alive. Mamas especially. It’s this incredible moment when you get to hold your baby for the first time and you have this rush of endorphins, it’s just so magical. I think this is why so many women like to tell the birth stories of their babies. Some stories are scary and some are just simple but either way it’s important to listen to each other and comfort those who had a traumatic experience and celebrate with those who had a magnificent experience. It’s important that we listen, share, and care for each other.

Birth is a favorite topic of mine and I’m very biased toward homebirth and natural childbirth (probably because that is what I have experienced). I don’t look down on anyone for going to the hospital or having a c-section. Sometimes I feel frustrated that others don’t see birth the way that I do, but I’ve been trying to keep in mind that everyone is different and every situation is different. We need to be sensitive to each other because what’s right for me may not be right for you and so forth. Next time if you find yourself sharing your birth story or listening to someone else’s I hope you’ll listen and be understanding and open minded. Maybe you’ll see birth a little differently.

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