Why I chose Madriella.

When I decided to become a doula I wanted to certify because I didn’t know how else to go about it. A doula doesn’t necessarily need any certifying to be a doula but it can be a helpful tool to get you started. There are many programs to certify with, some are online and some are in person through classes, demonstrations, and workshops. Madriella offers an online certification and workshops as well. Having my certification be online was so helpful because I could go at my own pace, be in the comfort of my own home, and I could study during my son’s nap time.

Madriella is affordable. On their website you can read about the Madriella philosophy. Basically they want their doula course to be affordable, for anyone interested. They hope for all women to take their course because it is good information and important information.

This course helped me in the right direction to becoming a doula. For me, I needed that extra push of an actual course and tests. This course was pretty simple and covered what I needed to know, but there was also a reading list to expand my knowledge. For me this course was the beginning and it’s up to me to learn more and grow. I’m thankful to have found this great program that everyone can afford and learn from.
If you are hoping to become a doula I would recommend Madriella, but please know that you don’t have to certify. Experience will be the best, most priceless information that you can get. However, certifying was good for me and I recommend this course for every woman! Click here to learn more about Madriella’s program.


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