What my dog has taught me…

My little doggy has definitely taught me a lot. She’s quite a character and she brings a lot love, laughs and shaking of heads. Overall I wouldn’t trade her for any other puppy. It’s nice to have her around and learn from her simple ways. I didn’t realize how much she has taught me until I started writing this post. Here are a few things she has taught me:

Be vocal

I may not be vocal all of the time, I have a hard time getting to the point and I beat around the bush instead of just saying “no, I can’t do this for you” or whatever it may be. Baby is very vocal when she is playing, when she sees something she doesn’t like, and if she thinks there is a cat in our yard. I don’t necessarily need to yell if I see something I don’t like but it might be good to say something if it will prove beneficial for me or someone else.

Live in the moment

Baby should know by now that she is not allowed on the kitchen table. However, whenever she gets a free moment (usually when we go somewhere) she is up there looking for any left over food or goodies. She should know that she should not take food from our toddler but she still does and runs aways to enjoy it. I don’t think she is teaching me to steal food from a baby but maybe to be present and do something if I feel like doing something.

Be affectionate

I am not a touchy feely person at all but Baby’s love language is definitely touch. She wants us to pet her any moment that our hands are free. She likes us to scratch her belly, her neck, and pretty much anywhere. Even though I prefer to sit with my arms crossed, Baby has taught me to be aware of others, although I don’t love petting her, or scratching my husband’s back all the time (his love language is also touch) it’s such a nice gesture and feeding someone’s love language just makes them happier.

Be naked

Baby is always naked. It is perfectly socially acceptable too. She doesn’t have any body image issues and she is happy in her own skin… fur (as far as I can tell). I am for the most part happy with my body, I try not to dwell on how my body looks and just be happy and glad to have such wonderful body. Our bodies are so amazing and it seems like I don’t realize how good I feel most days until I feel sick. I’m trying to pay attention more and when I do something awesome (like run across the yard, or dance around the living room), I try to reflect how great it is to move around and have the ability to do so.


Baby stretches out everyday more than once a day! So many times I have a sore back or my legs feel like I should stretch out but I don’t always take the time to stretch. I guess stretching has to do with living in the moment because she stretches when she feels like it, not when she gets to yoga class (she’s not in a yoga class just for the record). I think my main point with this is that she takes care of herself without delay.

Be in tune

Whenever I’m on my period Baby seems to know and she seems to sympathize. I know that may sound crazy but it’s true. When she is in heat I sympathize with her too, she’s very lethargic and just wants to cuddle up on my lap, I really don’t mind because I can relate. She can sense other feelings too and reacts perfectly. When someone is sad she is more calm and easygoing. When someone is happy she joins right in and plays or gives a smile. Being in tune with other people is easier when we are in tune with ourselves and when we trust our feelings of intuition.

Be simple

Dogs are naturally simple, they don’t need fancy things, they just need the basics. Food, water, time outside, lots of love and attention, and treats every now and then. Wouldn’t my life be so wonderful with just these basics? Sure it’s nice to have a new toy but Baby wants someone to share that new toy with. She’d rather have attention more than anything. Sure something new will give me joy for a few days but that joy is nothing in comparison to my relationships with the ones I love.


7 things my dog taught me

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