WEEK 1 Dairy Free

The first week went well enough. On day one we made some vegan biscuits. On day two I felt like a champ when I chose some minestrone soup for lunch but then I ate some of my son’s corn dog breading- not really sure what’s in that but it’s probably not vegetarian friendly since it was touching a hot dog- oops. On day three I had some buttercream frosting at a birthday party and it was SO good!
I tried not to eat that much but alas I found myself scooping the frosting with my finger and eating it. I tried not to be too hard on myself this week and just be aware and prepared.

Not only was there a birthday party in week one, we also traveled to visit our parents. While visiting my parents and in laws, they were all very understanding and didn’t really say much until it was time to eat. Sometimes I would see panicked eyes thinking “what are we going to make for you, or what are you going to eat?!” Because I stayed aware and tried to be prepared, I had things in mind I could eat in case there were no options at either place we were staying. I brought with us a few Tasty Bite packages and some rice for lunches. And when it came time for dinner, one night we ordered pizza and we simply ordered one half with veggies and no cheese- pretty sure the sauce was dairy free but not 100%. And another night we got some mexican fast food and I ate some nachos. Yes… I ate them with cheese, but the whole time I was thinking, “I could have gotten these without cheese!” When I ate these nachos, I was into my dairy free experiment a few days and I noticed that my stomach was churning after I ate them. My stomach wasn’t necessarily loud and I didn’t feel sick but stomach seemed to be working harder.
All in all, week one went well, I was easy on myself and I tried to pay close attention but if I wanted a lick of frosting I did just that.

What I’ve learned in week one:

*Don’t be too hard on yourself
*Be prepared, don’t be afraid to bring your own food or eat ahead of time.
*Be aware- milk is in many products and it helps to read ingredient lists. If ever in doubt, eat whole foods that can be made from scratch, that way you will know exactly what is going into your meal.

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