vegan-ism on my mind

Recently we watched Cowspiracy on Netflix. It was eye opening and after watching it I’ve been on this kick of reading books about Vegan-ism, how and why people become vegan etc. This isn’t my first time of being curious of vegan-ism. I think that started with Forks over Knifes. We watched this sometime in the spring of 2012 and ate only whole foods for about a month but soon after we had started eating right, we moved for my husband’s residency for his master’s degree. By moving and being busy we didn’t pay as much attention to what we were eating and slowly we returned back to the SAD diet. The only thing we didn’t continue to consume anymore was milk. We also watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead at one point too, either in 2012 or 2011.

Last year we watched Vegucated, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2 which brought up our eating habits and how we want to change the way we eat. I couldn’t eat meat for a while after watching Vegucated but as the movie began to fade from my mind I would eat meat and dairy again. I think it’s a mixture of feeling alone (not knowing many vegans) and there is so much pressure to eat meat. It’s everywhere, and when we visit family, it’s difficult to not eat meat. I cave in, to be polite and then I just return to eating however I used to eat.

After watching Cowspiracy I feel so interested in vegan-ism again. I just read Vegan Freak and now I’m reading Mad Cowboy. I think the more that I am reading and learning, the more meat and dairy seems less appetizing; especially reading Mad Cowboy.

The more I think about changing the way I eat, I feel empowered and I think of how much my body could benefit by eliminating a few things from my diet. I really want to try again and stick with whole foods. Yes, I may have to learn to cook many new things but I feel inspired and ready to try again and after reading Vegan Freak I want to stick with it. I think this time, I’ll reach out to others because support seems to go hand in hand with success.

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