The Book Thief

This week I finished reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak sniff sniff. The sniffles are because it did make me cry and because it’s over. How am I just barely reading this book?! Special thanks to my good friend Julia for giving me this book. A story that is loved should be shared and it was such a sweet gesture. Gifts given in the moment are so special to me.

I loved this book. I loved that it was written as the perspective of death. I also liked thinking in the German perspective. I have always overlooked the perspective of Germans during WWII. It’s so easy to lump every German into the “enemy” group when in reality they had to submit to rules they probably didn’t even agree with. They too had to suffer in their own way.

I feel so inspired after reading this book. I want to read, I want to write, I want to steal, not really steal but the reading and writing part for sure. Words are so powerful and can do so much good and so much harm. I feel so glad that I know how to read and write, they are such simple abilities, but really, so wonderful. We are blessed to learn these skills and blessed to be able to use them for good. Use your words for good and read a good book, read this book if you haven’t!



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