symphonious friends

Last night we spent some time with some good friends and it was great.






so kind.

These are a few words that come to mind when I think of these friends.

It’s great to be with loving people who love you. It’s also great to be with people that have similar ideals and just understand you. If you have friends that are this way, I encourage you to spend time with them, if you can’t, call them and spark up an interesting conversation and talk about what you love.

It feels good to be with/talk to like-minded friends and feel a harmony that only comes when you’re together, it’s the best.

While we were visiting I mentioned to my dear friend that we love spending time with them and she reminded me that it’s not one sided, when we come over to visit it’s great because we are all together, it’s not just them that has this wonderful missing ingredient, it’s us too… so then I left feeling even more special.

Overall I think it’s good to be with those who bring out your best self because then you’ll want to be your best all of the time.

Spread your best self around to all and make some good friends or be with the good ones you have.

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