Last night I checked my myspace. I still have an account but I don’t really do anything with it, except check it every now and then. I must tell you. It was magical. Magical because my friends that I have on myspace also don’t keep up with it, so it’s like going back in time. I laughed, I think I teared up at one point too, I still have a goofy smile on my face from looking at old pictures of me and my friends. Remembering moments that we captured and the memories we made. We had so much fun. I miss those times. I didn’t have any worries and I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I was me and I dressed and looked the way that I wanted to. I love that about me back then. I think I still dress and look the way I want but I don’t wear statement pieces anymore like I used to i.e. granny glasses with no lenses, I still love that look though. It’s cool to see my myspace sort of how I left it. A lot has changed but my friends have stayed the same … on myspace 🙂

And here’s a playlist of my old profile songs for your enjoyment:

Delicate: Damien Rice

Fish Heads: Barnes and Barnes

Basin Street Blues: Louis Prima

Don’t Panic: Coldplay

You’re a Cad: The Bird and the Bee

Rhapsody in Blue: Gershwin

Electronic Renaissance: Belle and Sebastian 

My Love: The Bird and the Bee

Nothing to Worry About: Peter Bjorn and John

Night Creature Second Movement: Duke Ellington

My Own Sun: Darkel

Love Today: MIKA

You Don’t Know Me: Ben Folds

Time to Pretend: MGMT

Almost Lover: A Fine Frenzy

Elephant: Damien Rice

Keen On Boys: The Radio Dept.

Not About Love: Fiona Apple This is probably my favorite music video

Mr. Blue: Catherine Feeny

It’s funny how songs and pictures can make you feel a certain way or bring back such a vivid memory that hasn’t crossed your mind in a while.

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