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I’m not really too crafty but lately I have done a couple of things worth sharing. I’m definitely not a perfectionist, which I’m sure you’ll notice, but this particular craft session was for our home and I don’t really mind if it’s perfection.

We really like music around here, but who doesn’t. One song in particular played on our record player has always stood out as such a sweet song. Our House (I recommend listening to this while you read this post, don’t have to but just a suggestion!). This was my inspiration for my craft session. Here’s what I did:

Gather materials:

  • Picture frames (thrift store)
  • Spray paint
  • Embroidery Thread and needle
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Stickers
  • Patience

The first thing I did was arrange the frames to my liking and take a picture of how they all fit together.IMG_20150209_204215269


Next I used the glass from the frames to measure the fabric size for each frame.


Next I worked on the words I would put in each frame. This tutorial inspired me to hand stitch my words. I didn’t do this for every word because I was too impatient and just wanted to finish all of it and hang it up on the wall. It’s good to practice a few times on paper before writing on the fabric.


At some point I spray painted everything. The red frame was the hardest to paint and I had to spray it a few times.  IMG_20150210_152501022 


After hand stitching a few words, I found some stickers to use!


I didn’t have enough stickers to use for the rest of the project so I decided to hot glue the embroidery thread for the last words. IMG_20150211_171041836

My husband was out of town while I was doing this little project. I wanted to hurry and finish it before he got home and I just wanted to be done. Being a little bit of a perfectionist might have come in handy for this. I think when I was getting closer to being done I wanted to be finished even more.


Overall I think it turned out well. We like it and that’s what matters!


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