Happy New Year!

I usually have the same resolutions every year, eat better and drink more water. So far this year I’ve been thinking about resolutions and my hopes for the new year. I want to be more specific with my hopes and try to follow through with my resolutions. A few of my hopes include:

I attended a funeral on January 2nd. It was for one of my favorite teachers ever. I wish that I would have kept in touch with her because she really influenced me in such a good way. Anytime I attend a funeral I find myself reflecting on life and what it means and I think, what am I doing with my life? I feel that I am in a fog most of the time until something shakes me out of it, like a funeral or someone getting hurt, or a baby being born. Meaningful human experiences seem to make me realize that I need to be aware and not going through motions of everyday life. Life is so precious and I really hope that I can start living and have no regrets. I know that I can start new everyday but it’s just so convenient that it’s a new year. I hope that I can take these hopes and improve myself not just for this year but for the years to come.

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