my late goodbye



Facebook, Facebook, taking up my time book

making me want to cry book

never have I had so many friends

never have I felt so lonely

I don’t miss those perfect ads just for me

I don’t miss those perfectly posed selfies.

I kept you for sentimental reasons and just because

I deleted you to free myself and to free my time.

and then I got an Instagram…


I’m not sure what day I deleted my Facebook but I think it’s been close to a year. Honestly Facebook isn’t good for me. Too much of any social media is bad- it turns me into a zombie. I don’t like how it takes me out of the present. It’s so rude to be looking at a screen while there are others around (in most cases). It’s easy to point those people out (always on their phones) but it hurts worse to realize that I am that person too sometimes.

Deleting the F B really helped me evaluate what I’m doing with my time and my life (seriously). Once I got ride of it, I didn’t have anything to look at on my phone so I started reading more (actual books). I’ve been reading more than I ever have this year.

Soon after I deleted my Facebook I got an Instagram- which has been good, mostly, but I do look at it too much sometimes. At times it’s because others around me are looking at their phones or because I need to be doing something. When it comes down to it, I don’t have to be doing something every minute, it’s really ok to do nothing for a minute or two. And I should be cautious not to look at my phone because others are. As always, I’m learning everyday and trying to be better overall.

And for the record, I don’t miss my Facebook at all and it really wasn’t too hard to say goodbye, if you’re thinking about it, it’s worth a try!

May you find balance in all your social media life and in real life.

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