Motherhood is a river

Motherhood is like a river, a wild river, a long river, a changing river.

At times it’s small and vulnerable.

At times it’s over flowing- the water, the love, the milk.

Always making a new path.

Always nourishing.

Feeding us, cleaning us, giving us everything freely.

They are strong, they are wise within, they are calm, they are raging.

Keep them free, let them choose their own path.



The idea of motherhood mirroring a river really speaks to me. When I first became a mother my instincts were so strong, and I was so wild in some ways. I felt so confident at times as I reflect I was too confident. As my baby grows, I am growing too, changing, and learning. I really don’t know what I’m doing at times. I was wrong for being too confident. I was wrong for thinking, “I will never do this or that” as a mom. I was wrong for thinking other moms were wrong. There is not a perfect path. Every river, every mother is different. We need to love each other and help each other. Please be cautious if you dam(n) one.



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