menstrual cups

I once heard about menstrual cups last year when one of my friends was talking about them. I didn’t really look into them until recently. I think at first I thought “ok, that’s weird” and never gave them a second thought (I obviously wasn’t ready for them). Flash forward to a couple of months ago when I was looking at cloth diapers one day that let to looking at cloth pads for menstruation (I knew that these were used in the past but I just figured they weren’t used anymore). Looking at those pads led me to looking at menstrual cups this time I think I was ready.

It turns out menstrual cups are very practical, eco friendly, and cheaper in the long run. Here are 18 reasons to switch.

When I decided to get one I was already on my period (naturally).  So I waited until the next time my auntl flo came to visit, but in between I didn’t really care as much (because who’s looking forward to their next period, right?) and I procrastinated ordering one online so thank goodness they are sold in some stores! I bought the Diva Cup at my local grocery store, I think they can also be found at Walgreen’s. It came in a cute little bag and came with a pin that I’ll probably never use. 😀

I’ll admit it was a little tricky using it the first time and I felt intimidated BUT… once I figured it out I didn’t have to worry or think about it for 12 hours. 12 hours! As I am reflecting on my first experience with the Diva Cup, I remember my first experience with tampons made me feel a little unsure as well but with a little practice… it ain’t no thang.

There are many cups out there to choose from so it helps to look up reviews and look up videos on youtube so you can actually see what you’re getting.

Since I’m still new to menstrual cups I wouldn’t consider myself a pro but I hope that I’ll reach someone who’s never heard of these! I recommend menstrual cups to all of you menstruating ladies out there! Let me know which one you like best.


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