live in the now

The other night we were on a drive and we started to talk about doing things in the moment. To be more specific, if there’s a cool stop on a long drive… stop and see what the cool stop is. Too many times I’ve noticed that I put things off and I never end up stopping at those cool stops on the side of the road or whatever.

We live four hours away from our immediate family and so when we drive to visit them, I’ve noticed that the best times are the times that we take our time and make a stop at a cute small town diner or at a historical place and learn something new. All of the other times that we drive home and stop at a fast food joint or try to make it home by a certain are not memorable at all.

A few years ago I lived in China for a semester teaching English and I noticed on our vacations if we didn’t do what looked interesting in that moment we never had the chance again. The children we taught were about four or five years old and they lived on campus where we taught. At night we had the option to go tuck them in and say goodnight but I rarely did. I finally did maybe the week before we were supposed to go back to the U.S. I just put it off and I probably missed out on some really sweet moments.

Having a baby has made me realize that most things can wait and that time goes by so fast. If we don’t live in the moment and take a few stops or enjoy every little kiss night night (even though sometimes we just want them to go to sleep so we can have some mommy and daddy time) we might miss something special…


A stop that we always wanted to stop at… and finally did



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