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I can’t get enough of the library lately. I’ve been interesting in veganism again after discovering the blog It doesn’t taste like chickenI’ve had a few recipes pinned from that blog but for some reason I didn’t really start to look at some of the recipes more in depth until recently. One thing led to another and I started reading about veganism again. The library had just what I needed, Engine 2 diet, The Happy Vegan, and The Way we Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter were a few of easy reads that got me in the vegan mindset again. It felt so good to hold and read books that were feeding what I was so interested in. After reading those I found a couple of cookbooks; The Minimalist Baker (I check out this book all the time and I also LOVE her blog) and Thug Kitchen (I’ve checked out three different books of thug kitchen, and every recipe has been great!) These cookbooks have been so helpful and even more inspiring. Because they are so easy, I’ve been able to try many new recipes.

The library has also been so good for my son. I started taking him when he was around one or so. I took him often because I was so bored with reading the same books to him over and over, and like a good friend has mentioned before “children’s literature is sometimes the only thing I get to read for the day so it might as well be entertaining for me too” or something like that. As my boy grows, his interests change and we check out different stories based on his interests, and sometimes I pick something from a different category to expand his mind. These early trips to the library have planted a seed within him. A seed that is nurtured every time we read together. This love for books is a love for learning too.

Thrift stores are also a great place to pick up books. Over the summer I found Fast Food Nation which was very interesting and I also found The Glass Castle which I loved. Another free place that is helpful for busy moms is youtube. Many audio books are available and it’s easy to listen to a book while doing dishes or making dinner.

All of this reading and learning keeps me inspired to do new things. Reading also helps me to understand the world around me, my culture, myself, and those close to me. Both nonfiction and fiction books expand my mind in different ways. When I get in the habit of reading I feel so much better. I tend to spend less time on social media more time reading and reflecting.

This post is definitely all over the place and if I could sum it up in one sentence it would be: I love to read, and learn, and I’m thankful that I can find new books that fulfill my interests and my boys’ interests at the library.


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