It’s Hip to be Obtuse?

Since becoming a mama I’ve noticed that I’m behind on many things. I’m not always completely sure of the latest fashions. I haven’t discovered any new music, and by the time I watch a “new” movie it’s already one or two years old. I’ve also realized that I don’t care. Those things don’t matter as much to me anymore. It’s become more apparent how out of the loop I am since our nephew has moved in with us- he is in 9th grade and this is only a temporary stay for him. Anyway, he loves to tease me and say, “wow have you even heard this song before?” when the radio plays, or, “I saw that meme like 6 years ago”, or “wow Sarah” if I’m just seeing a youtube video for the first time… that he’s seen years ago. I know he’s only teasing but it’s a little annoying, a little obtuse. I just don’t know how to deal with it. I know I need to be a grown up and just laugh and say “haha I know, I’m so old and so outdated” but I can’t because I’m not old, and the videos, music, and memes change so quickly that it doesn’t really matter. I’m in a different place right now. What matters to me is that I’m a good mama for Beau, and that he is well taken care of. He’s my main focus. It’s okay if I’ve never seen this clip before this week, or if I just learned who a new artist is, because I am raising a little boy. First things first. I know that I matter too. I know that my interests are important and that a happy mama = a happy family (most times) but my interests are different now. I’d rather read a book, classics are my favorite, or spend time with my husband, or friends. Everyone has different interests and maybe some mamas still do keep up with the latest trends, there is nothing wrong with that! The only thing wrong is being obtuse about others. Be kind! Even if you’re a kid in middle school.

I totally had this song in mind when I wrote this, I almost titled it the same title but obtuse seemed to be the right word.

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