After having a baby I realized how wasteful our culture is and how consumed we are with consumption! Having a baby helped me to realize how much babies don’t need. They don’t need a lot of clothes, or diapers, or a bunch of toys, they don’t even need their own room or bed. As a culture we have baby showers and mamas are given so much extra stuff and it’s like we are brainwashed to buy all of this stuff that baby “needs” but many of these “needs” are just excessive! After realizing how much my baby doesn’t need, I realized that my needs are pretty simple too. It’s getting rid of the wants and the simplifying that can be tricky but we’re working on it. Here are some ways that we’ve been trying to downsize and waste less:

  • living in a modest house that’s in our price range
  • making a garden… It’s a work in progress…
  • getting rid of things we don’t need or use
  • buying or accepting used furniture
  • using cloth diapers/elimination communication
  • using concentrated cleaners such as Dr. Bronner’s

Because we’ve been able to live within our means I get to stay at home with our baby boy. Which means no child care for us. Less eating out too because I’m home and able to cook. I would much rather live in a small modular home with an affordable payment over living in a pricey beautiful dream home. It’s not worth it. Fancy homes and material things are not better than time with my family. Time is precious and it’s possible to get more of it (I predict) if one gets rid of meaningless things. These meaningless things are just a waste of time, time that we need to spend with those that we love.

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