Doug and Sara’s New Casa

Wow, I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I haven’t ever been very consistent with writing blog posts because I overthink things or I think I don’t have anything special to share. I don’t feel that way anymore. I just want to document our lives and maybe share a few things we learn along the way.

Recently we had an opportunity come up for Chad to work in a town we love and have been wanting to move to. This town is so special to us and we’ve been brainstorming and dreaming of ways to make it happen. When this opportunity presented itself I casually suggested he take it, and sell his lawn business. When we decided to say yes it seemed that everything started to happen for us. We started making plans and telling our family and friends because we were so excited.

Once Chad was able to sell his business, we went to look for our new home (a camp trailer). Not even a week after selling his business we went to look for a trailer. The first day Chad went with his dad to look at a few and the next day I went with him to look. When we went, we looked at one that was probably the one but it needed a lot of work, I just couldn’t feel excited about it. We definitely watched a few RV remodel videos on YouTube so we thought we wanted to remodel a trailer to make it our own. I just didn’t feel very enthusiastic about any of the trailers we were looking at and we were about to go back to my in-law’s house when they insisted we look at one more on our way home. For some reason I just didn’t really think it would be right for us and I was very hesitant. THANK GOODNESS we listened to his parents and checked it out. The trailer was in a RV park and the newlywed couple that was selling it, was living in it. This little home was better than anything I imagined, and move in ready. I tried to be cool and not blurt out “I love it we’ll take it” instead I said, “Do you think you could move out today so we could drive it home tomorrow?”  I meant to talk with Chad before saying that but out my words came before I could stop them. The wife, like me was very excited and said that it would not be a problem for them. I could not believe how right everything felt. I was so glad to be buying a home from such a great couple, I loved that our new little dream home was once loved by them, and that this new opportunity for us would mean new opportunities for them.

All of this started by saying yes to what we really truly want to do, and moving to where we really want to be. All because we decided to take a chance and really go for it. After deciding this and telling a couple of my dear friends about our new adventure, one recommended “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. This book was so inspiring and it confirmed that we’re on the right track to where we hope to be. Here’s to our new adventure!



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