Dairy free lessons

This is just a compilation of the lessons I wrote at the end of each week when I went dairy free. Each post is pretty simple so if you’d like to read them: week 1, week 2, week 3 & 4. Or if you just want to read what I’ve learned continue reading…

*Don’t be too hard on yourself
*Be prepared, don’t be afraid to bring your own food or eat ahead of time.
*Be aware- milk is in many products and it helps to read ingredient lists. If ever in doubt, eat whole foods that can be made from scratch, that way you will know exactly what is going into your meal.
*“The meek will suffer” don’t be afraid to ask what’s in something!
*Maybe dairy does make me feel a little sick -it could make you sick too!
*Treat yourself- not with dairy though!
*Cook at home
*It’s nice to have fewer options at restaurants- for me anyway.
*Giving up dairy for the month has made me aware of how I don’t want to disappoint anyone and how much of a people pleaser I am.
*Fake cheese is not very good-from what I’ve tried. I’d rather just leave it out, nothing compares to real cheese in my opinion! I prefer avocado or hummus instead- if I need something in place of cheese.
*Be cautious about talking to people about food- it’s a touchy subject.
*Cooking and meal planning has been a challenge sometimes but, it can be challenge with any diet right?

If you’re considering quitting dairy! Go for it, maybe you’ll feel great, maybe you’ll really miss dairy, or maybe you won’t notice a difference at all. Whatever happens, have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself!


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