Dairy Free for 30 days

Near the beginning of this year I started reading some books about veganism and I’ve watched a few movies about it too. I’ve been so curious about it and how people live that ‘hard’ lifestyle! Since reading those convincing books, and watching those convincing movies I’ve stopped eating meat. Since the end of January I’ve been an ovo lacto vegetarian. Ovo meaning I still eat eggs, and lacto meaning milk products. Honestly, it’s been pretty easy and no one has given me a hard time about it. Leaving meat behind has been no problem and I feel really good about it. Dairy on the other hand is something I’d like to give up as well. I feel just as wrong eating cheese and butter as I did eating meat. I have decided to quit dairy for 30 days, the month of April, and see if I feel any different by the end of the month. I don’t think I eat very much dairy, but from what I’ve been reading, it’s addictive, and hard to give up. I will break down by journey week by week and write how I did, maybe leave a few tips, and write how I feel etc. I hope this will reach someone considering the same journey.

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