dads do things differently

Recently I spent a few days in Las Vegas for a hair show. I was a hair model for a new friend for a hair competition. She won, well we did, I helped too but it was all her vision and she worked so hard. I had so much fun and got a chance to live my modeling dreams. When I was younger I did some modeling but nothing too serious, I wanted to be a model but didn’t really know how to take it to the next level. I knew someone who did but I think I held myself back because my life as I knew it would have changed. This recent opportunity has been great! I got to live a few days in the life as a model, and since she won, we get to go to Barcelona Spain to compete again. We get to go in November and we are all over the moon excited.
While I was living my dreams, Chad stayed home with Beau and they spent the weekend together. When I would call home at 11:00 at night, Beau would still be wide awake, and doing his own thing, not even missing me. I had come to the realization that dads do things differently before, but on my last night there, I was talking to another mama who mentioned that her husband was watching her daughter at home, “dads do things differently”, she said this with a big smile, she said this with love and not in a joking manner. Hearing this from her confirmed this wisdom that I had heard before. I may have a certain bedtime routine, activities, or whatever it is that we do together but it’s going to look different when Chad puts him to bed, or plays with him, or whatever they do together. It’s perfectly fine that Beau stayed up late every night while I was gone, and it’s ok that he didn’t do the things I would have done with him. He got to spend time with his dad and they do things differently when they are together.
As Beau is growing and learning about the world around him, I feel that I am learning so much too. Parenting is so interesting and so challenging at times. I love it, and I love when I stop and realize something as simple as this.

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