One thing that baby needs an abundance of is milk not toys or clothes…milk! The best milk for baby is made by your body. Not only is breast milk free it’s pretty darn amazing! Which is why it really bums me out when some new moms don’t even give breastfeeding a try. 🙁 Yes breast feeding can be difficult (for some more than others) and yes it can hurt a bit a first too (for most I think) but if you have the ability to make a perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for your baby why wouldn’t you? Honestly, formula companies want you to fail so that you’ll buy their product, they want you to think that you can’t make enough milk for your baby. Billions of people have lived without formula and many babies today live without formula too! Ok sorry to be so harsh towards formula… I can see where it could be necessary but let’s talk more about breast milk and how awesome breast feeding is for mom and for baby.

  • Breast milk has over 400+ nutrients
  • Breast feeding reduces the risks of breast and ovarian cancer for mom later in life
  • Breast milk can treat pink eye, ear infections, and diaper rashes
  • Breastfed babies are less likely to be overweight or obese as adults
  • Breast milk is always the right temperature and SO convenient
  • Did I mention breast feeding is free?

There are plenty of other reasons to breastfeed your baby but I just thought I would mention a few. Below are some good reads about breast feeding and closely related topics, enjoy!

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