bald and beautiful

In July a good friend of mine shaved her head because she always wanted to. I wanted to shave mine too, so I did. I’m glad she had the courage to do it because I might not have if I didn’t see how great she looked.

A few weeks before, I had just gotten my hair cut, I had a pixie and it was really cute. After I shaved my head, I wished that I would have kept my cute pixie for a little longer but that’s ok. It seems like everytime I cut my hair, on the day that I cut it I think to myself that I like my hair the way it is and I probably shouldn’t cut it. Then after I cut it I don’t really love it or hate it, it’s just there.

After I shaved my head I couldn’t stop touching my prickly scalp. I could really feel every breeze. It didn’t take long for me to really like this new do. I didn’t have to do anything. I could lay down for a nap and never mess up my hair. I could take a shower and get ready to go and my hair would be ready. Very convenient. I also realized that I felt so pretty without any hair. I had nothing to hide behind, my whole face was out there for everyone to see, couldn’t hide a pimple under my bangs because I didn’t have any. It was just me. I really liked the simplicity of it. It’s a perfect haircut for summer or anytime, maybe a little cold for winter but that’s what hats are for.

Before shaving my head I didn’t really fuss with my hair much anyway. I have nothing against hair and I would love to have long hair again if I didn’t love cutting my hair so much. I’m glad that my husband thinks shaved heads are beautiful because it may have been difficult for me to do if he didn’t care for short hair and shaved heads… but then again I might have shaved my head anyway if he was adamant that he doesn’t like that sort of thing, because I like to stick it to the man (in general) in quiet ways like shaving my head. It was as if I was making a statement but not really on purpose.

If you feel like trying something new, I recommend shaving off all of your hair. You’ll get many compliments. Although some of my favorite “compliments” were…”your hair was so cute before” and “why did you shave off all of your hair?!” and “I like you better with long hair” these were all compliments from older people mostly, my grandparents included. I did get some really nice compliments though and I think that’s what made me feel really beautiful. It’s nice to hear from a stranger that they like your hair or lack thereof. A shaved head truly made me feel unique. I recommend it. 🙂


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