baby needs you

babies aren’t that expensive…so far. Since having a baby and discovering that our baby needs a lot less than I thought, I’ve been realizing that I need less than I have. When I was pregnant everyone would tell me how expensive it is to have a baby but once baby got here I realized he needs me more than anything. Babies can be expensive if we have them the way our culture encourages such as

    • having babies in a hospital which is thousands of dollars throw in an extra thousand for that epidural or more for that c section*
    • feeding them formula which on average is $60 to $100 per month
    • using disposable diapers $30 to $85 per month
    • crib and furniture no idea… but it can be pricey
    • decorations for the babies room
    • clothes lots of clothes

All of these things are unnecessary!! Even the diapers, babies can live perfectly happy diaper free (more on that later). Sure a baby needs some clothes and maybe a carseat but they don’t need fancy furniture or expensive formula! Baby needs you more than anything else. Baby Jesus probably didn’t have any of those things on my list except some clothes but I DOUBT he had more clothes than he needed.

*I realize not everyone can have an out of hospital birth but many women are low risk and are definitely able to have natural births.

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