We once had a very loud neighbor. He was very funny, and willing to help us with any outdoor project. He had a great knowledge of gardening and plants. He loved to be outdoors and sing karaoke from his shed. He also loved to give us advice (or just chatter) from his side of the wall, and see what we were up to. Once he mistook Chad’s name for Doug. We planned on correcting him but never did, because one day he made us a planter box with “Doug and Sara’s Casa” painted on it. We still have this box, and he even added Beau’s name to it after he was born. This box gave us inspiration for the name of our blog. We loved our tool man neighbor and miss him. We are glad to have this little memento from him. RIP dear neighbor!

I’m Sarah, I’m a doula, stay at home mom and occasional writer of this blog. I like to share the births I’ve attended, my eating habits, ideas to live more naturally and simply, and motherhood thoughts. Chad is many things, he is a photographer, social media wiz, he’s truly a great teacher, but most importantly he’s a really good dad. He likes to write about gardening, using money wisely, and whatever’s on his mind. Sometimes we like to write reviews of our favorite things too! We are so glad you stopped by, you are always welcome!

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  1. EazyE
    May 19 at 9:51 pm

    How come Sara has WAY more articles than Chad? The back yard is all done (it looks good by the way), its time to get to work on the blog now Chad.

  2. December 25 at 7:46 pm

    Because you gave permission for the use of the spreadsheet we have added it and the corresponding video to the new Mittleider Garden App thats now available in the iTunes store. We have credited your for the use of it and set up an opt-in so we can track the downloads. We hope it will benefit many gardeners around the world.

    I hope you’re as pleased we did this as we are for the use of it.~! Within only a couple of days the app has been downloaded in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, China and Australia.

    Best of wishes!

    Dennis Totman

  3. Kelcee williams
    May 20 at 5:10 pm

    I am looking for a doula for our baby boy due August 2nd 2019. Please contact me to see if it is a good fit! Thank you!

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