Abducted in Plain Sight

We watched “Abducted in Plain Sight” in January and it’s been on my mind a lot lately. This documentary is so bizarre and it’s hard to believe that it’s a true story. About a month after watching it, I was able to see Jan (the subject) speak at a luncheon. She was so great, she really is proof that life can still be wonderful even after terrible things happen. Her main message is awareness of pedophiles and that abuse and abductions are caused by people we know: our friends, neighbors, and often family. She stressed that we need to be aware and listen to our intuition and keep our “antennas” up for red flags. It’s this fine line of being cautious but she also stressed the importance of meaningful relationships. After the luncheon, Jan signed “Stolen Innocence“, for those who stayed. I could sense her hope that victims will come forward if they’ve been abused and that many will learn (hopefully) from mistakes her parents made. I read the book after attending the luncheon and it did provide different insights than the documentary. Overall I had a better sense that her parents were feeling awful and so guilty that they didn’t stop this from happening. Even though this story is unfortunate in the beginning, Jan was able to rise up and follow her dreams and now she is really helping bring light to this troublesome topic that is happening far too often. This is a very uncomfortable conversation and the more we talk about it, become aware of red flags, and come forward if something has happened, then hopefully it won’t be something that is swept under the rug any longer.


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