A doula is for everyone!



Dear Potential Client,


I’ve been passing out my business cards to pregnant mamas that I see around town, maybe I’ve given you one? Just so you know, this is hard for me because:


A. I don’t want to be wrong (I’ve been wrong before about thinking that someone is pregnant, it’s the worst… for both parties, but maybe more for the one who is not really expecting.)

B. Not everyone knows what a doula is. I don’t usually explain because I hope you might go to my blog and read a little more about me and what a doula does.

C. I’m a stranger to you.

D. Most ladies feel that they don’t need a doula, even if they find out how a doula can help.

E. I’m a little shy.

F. I really don’t want to be wrong.

The truth is, a doula can help at any birth. If you wish to have an epidural, it is my goal to be supportive and be there for you. I get to meet with you at least three times before your baby comes and I get to help you with your birth plan and tell you about your options. I get to help you labor at home before you go to the hospital if that is your wish. And when it comes time to push, if you need an extra hand to hold, I’m there. Water, a cold towel on your forehead, I got you.


If a cesarean is how your babes will enter the world, I will still be there for you. We can still talk about a birth plan and go over options. And when you’re recovering, I’m happy to help and be there for you.


If you’re planning an unmedicated birth, I can help you too. If you need some kind words, a hand to hold, just someone there telling you that you can do it, or someone to cheer you on silently as you power through contractions, I can do that too.


Right now I’m offering my services for free. I am certified but have not attended many births. By letting me attend your birth, I gain so much knowledge and you get a doula for free. So if you happen to get a card from me I hope you’ll at least make one appointment, it’s free after-all, and you don’t have to make another one if you don’t want to!


Happy Birthing!



If you want to know more about becoming a doula click here.

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